Karen Marcum Art

My hope is to create art that evokes a sense of joy, whimsy, and
nostalgia while capturing the charm of everyday life.

Meet Karen Marcum

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Karen has loved creating since childhood. As an adult, she put down roots in Homewood, Alabama, where she and her husband Bart have raised their three children along with their two beloved dogs and one grumpy (yet still beloved) cat.

While her kids were little, Karen’s creativity found its outlet in making artwork for their rooms and invitations for their parties. As family and friends began to admire her work, she started making art for them as well and ultimately grew into a small business serving local customers and art shows. 

Today, Karen has reimagined how to share her work as she brings her whimsical and happy style to a range of home and gift items that are sure to deliver smiles far and wide.